Shamanism is humanity’s oldest expression of spirituality and as such, is the underbelly of all of modern religion. In the course of his-story, as European and United States colonialism and the arrogant work of missionaries spread through out the world, shamanism has been marginalized, oppressed and in some cases, violently annihilated, its practitioners put to death. It is important that modern students and practitioners of shamanism realize the persecution that their shamanic ancestors had to face, and that indigenous shamanic cultures still face today.

The shaman was thus concerned not just with individual gain or accomplishment, but with the health and welfare of the entire community–both human, ecological, and spiritual. When something was amiss on any of these levels, shamanic intervention might be called on to intervene thus helping to restore harmony and balance. In the modern world of today, especially in the west with its emphasis on materialism, individualism and an exploitive economic system, it is very easy for shamanic practitioners to loose sight of their broad-based shamanic roots, I.e., being aware, concerned and involved in the conditions of their surrounding environment–societal and bio-cosmic.

As users of shamanic psycho-spiritual technology, to be in integrity we need to be actively involved with what is going on around us. We need to be aware of people and planet being oppressed, marginalized, persecuted and discriminated against by prejudicial attitudes and exploitive behaviors. And, we need to be involved doing something about these conditions. It is important to honor the truth that when one group is singled out and treated in a prejudicial manner, any group can be so treated. In other words, no one is really free until all are free– the vow of the Bodhisattva in Buddhism, or “Tikkun Olam” in Hebrew–the responsibility to repair the world.

Modern practitioners need to know the history of the countries in which we live and travel, who has been exploited, when, by whom, and what is the impact of that today and what is being done about it to heal and rectify and promote justice, fairness and equality for all? What needs to be done? What are you doing? What can you be doing, you and your community? The following editorial from The Nation, speaks to one primary concern of healing the genocide perpetrated against the people from Africa abducted forcefully from their homes and then subjected to slavery, racism and discrimination here in the Americas. There is much to be done to dismantle the legacy and practice of racism still alive today. This article presents an important perspective addressing the need for healing and how to do it.

Thanks for listening.

NOTE: For an excellent article on this subject PLEASE follow the link and read Randall Robinson’s piece on this matter  America’s Debt to Blacks.

Imagine a World…
Where governments respect the human rights of all their citizens and settle disputes by the rule of law for the common good. Where all people have food, shelter and access to medical care, and children are born into and raised by healthy families and communities. Where literacy and education for all are accomplished facts. Where economic practices create well-being for all stakeholders, including communities and the environment. Where beauty, the arts, and media inspire the best in people. Where the benefits of science and technology enhance all circles of life.
Where tolerance and appreciation of diverse religious beliefs is the rule, spiritual practice is encouraged, and reverence for life fostered. Where the earth in all he natural beauty is treasured and its resources utilized sustain ably, for this and future generations. This is a world at PEACE…

May Peace Prevail on Earth
You Area a Pathway to Peace.