It is an interesting phenomenon that there have been men and woman throughout human his and her-story who were separated in time and geographical space who had mystical numinous experiences and basically came back from those altered states of consciousness with the same reporting of what they saw and experienced – Oneness, light, joy, unity, peace and love, qualities of being  they experienced as infinite ultimate reality from which all of creation comes from and is joined together in as one, despite the perception of separation.

It all depends upon the lens you are looking through. Look through ego lens, ego identity and socially conditioned consciousness and you see separate beings, objects, distances.  Yes, each of us is one of a kind emanation of light and matter consolidated into a temporary space suit  of a body, but within that suit  is energy that is part and parcel connected and one with the infinite energy of the universe.  Look through the mystical lens of expanded consciousness, called by Richard Bucke  “cosmic consciousness”, and you see a deeper level of being in which there is only the infinite   oneness,  call it what you will, God, Goddess, Tao, Allah,  Cosmic Foam, Mother-Father Holy Spirit, Great Spirit, Power of the Universe, Sacred Mystery or Joe Schmoe.

This creative wisdom oneness from which all physical manifestation comes from, is maintained by and returns too is present in all of creation as energy – dancing, vibrating, pulsating energy of particles and waves depending  upon what instrument you use to observe them interwoven together in constantly changing relationships.  If fact all of existence is about relationship, there is nothing that is not about relationship!  We are in relationship with and alive in the universe and the universe is in relationship and  alive in us.  It is a holy relationship say the mystics of time, an ongoing one that involves us all.  We are all related, all made of the same “stuff”, all-ways connected in relationship and what each of us thinks, feels and does is an energy dance that goes into the field effecting what happens in the field.

In this time of what Joanna Macy calls the Great Turning each of us is called into greater consciousness, greater awareness of this interconnection and oneness for ultimately what we give to another, to the earth, to the field, we give to ourselves, to our grandchildren, to the ones in the future we are the ancestors for.  Each of us is called to wake up to the truth that while our bodies are wonderful beautiful manifestations of nature’s evolutionary wisdom on this planet we are waaaaaay more than our bodies, our egos and our seemingly separate selves.

The mystics of all the world’s wisdom traditions who saw through the world of matter have perceived the reality of a spiritual universe.  They return from their journey and tell us that we are all sacred, holy beings, light-filled beings of infinite creativity, infinite wisdom, infinite light and infinite love.  To wake up to our true nature, our true essence, our true deepest being and identity, to remember who and what we are, opens the doorway to the greatest healing power of the universe – love.   One of  the ten commandments says “Thou shall not bear false witness” and this means not just honoring truth about others but about how we see and think about  ourselves as well.

To not believe that we are not sacred, worthy, luminous beings,  that we are love and our love is for giving, is bearing false witness and needs to be dissolved, let go and released.  Come into a recognition of your soul’s splendor. Luke 11:34 points the way when he says, “Your eye is the lamp of your body. If your eye is healthy, your whole body is full of light. ”   Actually, the mystics say our body is always full of light. It is just that when we don’t see truth clearly we aren’t in touch with or believe in the light that lives in the center of our being and in each cell of our body and the spaces in between.

We get a free daily reminder of the power of light to cut through darkness each morning when the sun comes up. Or light a candle in a dark room at night.  Light always cuts through darkness.  Use the light of sun and candle to open  awareness to the healing light of love  living within us always.   Honor the love light within you and heal your relationship with who you think you are. Come home into the transformational power that is the essence of your very being and purpose in being here – to know you are love, to live from that love and to serve that love bringing through fullest blossoming for greatest good for all beings.  May it be so!